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About the Coach 






I spent the first 56 years of my life searching for a better way to live, knowing it had to be easier, happier and more loving but not knowing how to change and live in a way to have a more abundant life in all ways.  From a young age I experienced different religions, read every self help book, went to a psychic, and psychiatrist for family and marriage counseling looking for answers. After my divorce 6 years ago I, a friend took me to a metaphysical bookstore to hear a woman speak and my life changed in a way I could never have imagined. It was as though this woman was speaking to me and giving me the answers to my questions about life and Living. It made sense to me and it all fell into place why I hadn't been able to figure out  why I was doing what I was doing and who I was under all the blocks I used to protect me and help me to survive.


I started working with this woman, Martha Burgess Novak, individually and then taking her classes to guide others to Consciousness . After 6 years of working with her I now work with my own clients to help them become the best version of themselves they can.

I was in the corporate and entrepreneur world my adult life and now I am an Emotional Intuitive/ Performance Coach.  People would always feel comfortable trusting me with their life history and intimate information even then. As many fellow baby boomers I am reinventing myself  with the wisdom gained from experiences and this work on myself. I  am finally fufilling my life purpose  to be as Loving as possible and help others to find themselves and guide them on their journey.


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