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Consciousness; The Answer to Living


The Google definition for consciousness is the state of being awake and aware of one's own existence, thoughts, and feelings to increase one's awareness and understanding of one's own needs, behavior, and attitudes.  I feel this definition is too limiting and not encompassing  enough, however, I also know from my own journey to Consciousness that it's constantly changing, and is fluid and infinite.

Consciousness   encompasses a Knowing of ourselves and our place in the Oneness of the Universe, Cooperating with our Higher Selves, Changing our perception of all we have known to be true in the past, Being our Full Potential of Love, and Using the Energy of our Higher Selves to Create the life we want.

In  Consciousness we  make the conscious decision to be the best version of ourselves that we can be in the Moment. We come from pure unconditional love rather than fear and rage of the child ego mind. Our purpose becomes being the most loving we can be and in this changing the energy of the world.

In this work of Consciousness I am to guide others who want to be the best version of themselves in all aspects of their lives on their journey to Consciousness and Abundance, Love, and Growth. 

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Diana E Cohen - Emotional Intuitive/Performance Coach 

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"We need to have the relationship we want with others with ourselves first. "     

                                                                   Martha Burgess Novak


"Your task is not to seek love but to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. "    



Change your Perception

Experience New Outcomes

We all perceive life and its experiences in our own way according to our life experiences and how we process them. Our perceptions are based on our issues that we have developed from the time we were in our mother's wombs. We were picking up our mother's energy from the beginning and her issues. Everything was traumatic to our undeveloped selves so we developed defenses to protect ourselves from the pain of rejection, not being enough, and not being cared for. We are hypersensitive to this pain so we perceive any hint of pain as traumatic; we then need to have defenses to protect ourselves from certain harm and pain that can destroy us. This perception is from our ego child mind rather than our Higher Mind. When we change our perceptions, coming from love rather than fear, we change the energy and we have more positive outcomes. We change and everyone around us has to change how they react to us. 



Your True Self

We don't know who we truly are because we are from the beginning trying to please others so they accept us and give us the validation we are needing.We are who others tell us to be or who we perceive we need to be for them to accept, love, recognize, and approve of us. We are never our True Selves because we have no idea who that is. We are always in the past or looking to the future; the past is gone and the future isn't here yet so we cannot do anything about them. If we would stay in the Moment right here and Now we'd make it the best it could be and that's where our True Self or Higher Self is waiting for us to Change, Grow, and take the Opportunities to Be the Best we can Be, our full potential.    




Let  Yourself Live


 Our journey is to Live our life to the fullest becoming the best version of ourselves we can be. We do this one Moment at a time, because that is all we have , here and Now. Once we release the blocks that keep us in ego and in the fear mode; we are no longer needing to survive rather we are living. Living is having choices, changing, growing, and accepting the opportunities offered us.     



"And then to day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. "           


Anais Nin


"Love cannot be found through great effort and willpower, but is already present in Openness and Letting go, Surrendering. Intimacy means dancing with fire, not smothering it. "  


  James Amodeo

"The love we show for others mirrors the love we have for ourselves, none of us loves ourselves enough."


 Diana E Cohen

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